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Resolving Unpaid Tickets And License Suspensions

Many people forget or simply neglect to address a traffic ticket. It is easy to forget to resolve a traffic violation through either paying the ticket or fighting the allegations. Sometimes we simply feel that as an out-of-state driver, a New York State Ticket will have no consequences to us down the line.  Unpaid traffic tickets frequently result in a suspended license. If police pull over a driver whose license is suspended, the initial reason for the traffic stop is only part of the new problem.

Driving with a suspended license is known as aggravated unlicensed operation, a misdemeanor, or even felony, level offense in New York. Not only may there be a new accusation related to the most recent stop, but you will also be facing issues related to the suspended license. Aggravated unlicensed operation includes criminal level consequences, with fines and costs that can exceed $5,000 depending on the level of the offense. This is a criminal offense and a conviction may result in high insurance premiums and difficulties in future background checks.

Determining The Proper Action To Take In Your Case

Whether you have unpaid tickets, are already facing a license suspension, or have been accused of driving with a suspended license, the time to act is now. At the Law Office of Mary Jane Murphy, we work hard to help those charged with New State traffic violations, whether you are a New York State resident, hold a Canadian Driver’s License, a CDL License, or other out-of-state residents who is facing legal problems associated with traffic violations and suspended tickets.  We take into consideration all levels of the offense, including what reciprocity the violation will have in your home state or providence.

Whether you are a New York resident, or live in another state, a traffic ticket in New York will likely have consequences. Mary Jane Murphy, Esq. can review your particular circumstances and help you to unravel the issues to get you back on the road. For drivers with unpaid tickets, we can guide you through the appropriate steps to address the underlying issues. If your license has already been suspended, we fight to minimize the damages and assist you in the license reinstatement process.

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Whether your license has been suspended or you are concerned about a possible suspension, we can help. To arrange your free consultation with an experienced New York State traffic violations lawyer, call 607-304-6195, or reach out to us online. We serve clients in the Southern Tier and throughout New York. Most of our tickets qualify for a 100% money back guarantee!