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We Fight To Minimize The Consequences Of New York Speeding Tickets

Being pulled over for any traffic violation can seem like a hassle. A simple trip to the store, or a long-distance trek across the country is interrupted. It may seem tempting to enter a guilty plea, simply pay the ticket fines and surcharges and move along on your way. Unfortunately, paying that speeding ticket is pleading guilty to an offense that will stick to your driving record for up to five years, add points and may increase the expense of driving well into the future with higher insurance rates and New York State Driver Responsibility Assessment Fees (DRAF), regardless of what state, providence or even county you hold your driver’s license in (in fact, regardless of whether you have a valid driver’s license at all).

Speeding in a school zone, in a work-zone, on any road during a trip across town, or on the highway, can lead to significant increased penalties and points on your driving record. Multiple speeding and/or tickets can impact your privilege to drive. The Southern Tier of New York is covered with Interstates, such as I-17, I-81, I-86 and I-88. Traffic offenses are common on these arteries for many reasons. For instance, the speed limit changes abruptly, as well as the presence of various construction zone (both active and inactive) for motorists on I-81, leading to many drivers facing traffic stops. You do not have to face a speeding ticket–and its potential harsh consequences — alone.

An Experienced Lawyer Ready To Fight For You

At the Law Office of Mary Jane Murphy, we know how important your privilege to drive means to you. Attorney Mary Jane Murphy has nearly two decades of experience fighting for clients and protecting their rights. Call for a free consultation to learn more about what impact your speeding ticket may have on your driving privileges — and what we can do to help you reduce the penalties.  Most of our tickets qualify for a 100% money back guarantee!

It is not just a simple fine. You also face:

  • Points on your driver’s license (Ranging from 2 – 11 points per ticket)
  • New York State Assessment fees ($300 and up beyond the already high fines and surcharges associated with the original ticket)
  • Enhanced penalties and potential license suspension for additional tickets
  • Suspension/Revocation of driving privileges

We fight hard to achieve results for both New York and out-of-state residents who have been charged with traffic violations within the State of New York. In most traffic cases, we can appear on your behalf, relieving you of having to go to court.

Learn About Our Money Back Guarantee In A Free Consultation

Many of the speeding ticket matters we handle qualify for our money-back guarantee. For eligible offenses, we will refund your full retainer fee if we do not successfully get your traffic violation reduced or dismissed. Let us fight for you. Call 607-304-6195 or send us a message online to request a free consultation and for more details. Based in Binghamton, we represent clients throughout New York State, including the following counties: Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Cortland, Tompkins, Madison, Delaware, Tioga, Steuben and Sullivan.