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Cited For Failing To Move Over For An Official Vehicle?

You may have been given a ticket after a law enforcement agent said you did not move over as required for a police car, service vehicle or emergency vehicle like an ambulance or firetruck that may have been parked on the shoulder.

Is this like a speeding ticket or is it a serious matter? It is serious, indeed. This kind of citation is not just a minor occurrence You could owe large fines and, depending on your driving history, you could have your driving privileges suspended now or at some future time, such as if you get another citation. Your insurance company may raise your rates or drop your coverage. Any of these consequences could become a major hardship.

If you are a commercial driver, the repercussions could be even more serious, beginning almost right away. You could lose your commercial driver’s license (CDL) classification and/or your employer might tell you that you are not eligible to drive for a period of time or even permanently.

How To Respond If You Have Been Accused Of Not Moving Over For A Police Car

Time is of the essence if you have been cited for a move-over law violation. For best results, contact a traffic violations defense attorney as soon as possible. Law Office of Mary Jane Murphy is a valuable resource for drivers from New York, from out of state and from Canada who have been cited. Our defense firm is ready to take on this challenge and vigorously pursue the best outcome on your behalf. Valid defenses might be that:

  • It is questionable that you did not move over or slow down. Evidence against you may be on shaky grounds.
  • Some visual elements such as a passing truck kept you from seeing the police car or ambulance in time to respond by moving over or slowing down.
  • Traffic or road conditions may have prevented you from moving over in time, even if you attempted to.
  • There is reason to believe you were a target of profiling in the issuing of this citation, because of your race, nationality or type of car.

Other defenses may be appropriate in your case, such as appealing a previous traffic ticket if that is an option. Your charges may be reduced or dismissed. Our firm is ready to put up a strong defense on your behalf in response to a move-over violation citation.

Whatever You Do, Act Without Delay 

Do not assume this problem will go away. Do not assume you will be able to keep your insurance and continue driving as usual. Do not assume that jail is not a possible consequence, in some circumstances. Do not assume you will be able to keep your CDL and your trucking job. Any of these privileges may be lost if you are convicted of a move-over violation.

Defense attorney Mary Jane Murphy is ready to explore all options for preventing these potential negative consequences after you have been cited for a purported move-over violation. Call 607-304-6195 or complete our online intake form to request a consultation as soon as possible regarding any alleged traffic violation.