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When Your Commercial Driver’s License Is At Risk

Your commercial driver’s license (CDL) may be one of the most important documents you’ll have in your life. If you drive a big rig or any commercial vehicle for a living, you need to keep your CDL valid and in good standing. Furthermore, you may need a special endorsement (like a school bus endorsement) to drive the specific type of vehicle that defines your occupation.

Act Now To Protect Your Driving Privileges And Livelihood

Is your CDL on shaky ground? This may be the case regardless of whether you got a ticket while driving a commercial vehicle or your private car. Out of an abundance of caution, contact a traffic violation defense attorney even if you do not believe your CDL is at risk – but you are unsure. Do not delay seeking legal counsel if:

Helping New York CDL Holders, Out-Of-State Commercial Drivers And Canadian Truckers

It is common for people from outside New York to be cited for speeding while passing through. No matter where you are licensed, a vigorous defense is your best strategy if you want to do all that you can to protect your CDL privileges. For your own sake, do not “just pay for a traffic ticket” without consulting a lawyer. Paying usually means admitting guilt. A skilled defense attorney may find a way to get your charges dismissed, reduced or subject to lesser penalties. Law Office of Mary Jane Murphy offers a strong defense for drivers who need to report to local courts in New York’s Southern Tier.

You may worry about the expense and disruption of coming back to New York for a court date. When Law Office of Mary Jane Murphy represents you, this is not an issue. In most cases, attorney Mary Jane Murphy can appear before a traffic judge on your behalf. She knows traffic law in depth, as well as whether your U.S. or Canadian CDL may be at stake, and how to best protect it.

The law firm will analyze all aspects of a traffic violation, including any reciprocity the violation will have with respect to your CDL in your home state or Canadian province. In most cases, our traffic ticket representation comes with a money-back guarantee: For eligible offenses, we will refund your full retainer fee if we do not successfully get your traffic violation reduced or dismissed.

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