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When Grandparents Need Legal Help In Support Of Rights To Care For Grandchildren

Many family circumstances may put barriers between grandparents and grandchildren who need their nurturing. When an adult child dies, divorces, has serious medical issues, struggles with addiction or is incarcerated, grandparents often step up to care for granddaughters and grandsons. Caregiving may go beyond temporary family time and become necessary long term for grandchildren’s protection. Obtaining custody and visitation rights may not be achievable. Parents may stand in the way, even when they are unable to provide stable home environments.

In such circumstances, a lawyer’s help becomes vital. Law Office of Mary Jane Murphy brings knowledge, skills and dedication to the table when grandparents and grandchildren need creative legal solutions to move forward positively.

Request A Review Of Your Circumstances And Pursue A Workable Solution For Your Family

Mary Jane Murphy, Esq., advises grandmothers and grandfathers, helping many pursue rights and legal paths forward, such as:

  • Proving to a family law court that a strong bond exists between grandparents and grandchildren
  • Pursuing custody or visitation rights when this is an option
  • Pursuing guardianship or foster parent status of grandchildren
  • Pursuing termination of parental rights when parents are unfit
  • Preparing to adopt grandchildren

Other close family members, such as aunts and uncles, may be similarly positioned to help raise children in need of nurturing and stability. If your grandchild, niece or nephew has become or should become a long-term part of your household, talk with a caring, knowledgeable family law attorney. Explore all options with the guidance of lawyer Mary Jane Murphy. She has abundant experience in local family law courts in the Southern Tier of New York.

Is Grandparent Adoption The Best Way Forward?

If you hope to make your grandchildren part of your home through adoption and if this is an attainable goal, you no doubt have many questions. Let’s discuss your family matters in light of the law, your circumstances and your hopes for the future. Besides helping with legal aspects of your case, we are ready to point you to resources that can help you provide practical support, as well as love and protection for your grandchildren. Get the conversation started by calling 607-304-6195 or by sending an email message through this website.