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A Family Law Firm In Support Of Children’s Interests And Parental Rights

Child support is about protecting children’s rights to adequate financial support when parents are unmarried, separated or divorced. Whether you may be expected to pay child support or will be receiving support for your children’s sake, it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities. At Law Office of Mary Jane Murphy, we advise on child support laws and procedures and represent parents and guardians in a range of circumstances, including:

  • Child support petitions after a paternity action clarifies a father’s legal standing
  • Child support determination for unmarried parents, regardless of whether they ever lived together
  • Modifications of child support orders for divorced and unmarried parents
  • Enforcement of court orders for child support
  • Child support for custodial nonparents (such as grandparents)

Child Support Orders Are Ongoing Until A Child Reaches Age 21

Age 21 typically signals the end of a parent’s obligation to pay child support in New York, except in certain situations that may make this limit a younger age. For example, if a young person marries or joins the military before age 21, child support for that young adult will no longer be in effect. Your child’s age, your custody order and other key factors should be taken into account as a court order goes before a family law judge, either initially or for consideration in modification or enforcement situations. Mary Jane Murphy, Esq., is experienced in local family law courts throughout the Southern Tier of New York. She welcomes the opportunity to evaluate your case and devise a strategy likely to succeed.

Our family law firm makes sure our clients (and their opponents) who will be paying support understand the long-term ramifications of child support obligations. We inform them as to why it is important to gather all information necessary to ensure a fair court order will go into effect.

Likewise, when representing a parent who stands to receive child support, we use due diligence to ascertain the actual income of the other parent, who will be paying. We have experience ensuring that a support order directed at the other parent is fair, according to state guidelines. We are ready to advocate vigorously in pursuit of a just child support order.

A Word To Unmarried Parents

Speak with our family law attorney about ways to prevent trouble by establishing paternity and getting a child support order in place that may serve as a safety net in case your domestic relationship changes. This is even more important for unmarried parents who do not live together.

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