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When can you keep your CDL after a violation?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Traffic Violations |

You recently received your first traffic violation as a truck driver. You worry about losing your CDL and tarnishing your career, but should you?

Chron explores violations that do not jeopardize your truck driver’s license. Not every mistake puts your livelihood at risk.


If a New York police officer ticketed you for speeding for the first time, you likely do not have to worry about losing your license. Should you receive a second speeding ticket within three years of the first, you face a 60-day license suspension. That stretches to a 120-day suspension if you receive three speeding violations within three years of each other.

License points

Violations that add points to your license include speeding, failing to stop, following too closely and reckless driving. While you rack up points with these violations, alone, they do not result in a loss of your license. Only when you have too many points do you risk the loss of your CDL.

Moving violation

Examples of moving violations include deadly car accidents resulting from not following traffic controls, improper lane changes and using a phone while driving in prohibited areas. While such violations result in penalties, truck drivers retain their licenses the first time they receive a violation. If you receive a second moving violation, the U.S. Department of Transportation suspends your license for at least 60 days.

Major violations

Committing a major driving violation such as drunk or drugged driving results in losing your CDL for at least a year. Operating a truck carrying hazardous material while under the influence of alcohol or drugs triggers a three-year suspension for the initial conviction.

Take steps to ensure you do not receive additional violations. Playing it safe secures your license and your income.