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What is the Point and Insurance Reduction Program?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Traffic Ticket |

Accruing too many points on your driver’s license in New York can compromise your driving privileges. This could impact your job if it requires a CDL license or if you need to drive a company vehicle. It can also create challenges when you have to find alternate sources of transportation. 

Understanding your options for reducing the number of points on your license can help you to take proactive measures to restore your privileges. The Point and Insurance Reduction Program or PIRP are one of your options. 

Completing a defensive driving course

Participating in the PIRP means you agree to complete an approved defensive driving course or accident prevention course. According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, you can learn more about the driver’s license point system. You can also learn how to improve your driving habits to reduce your risks of other traffic violations. 

If you have accrued more than 11 points on your record, you could lose your license. Completing the PIRP knocks 4 points off of your total, but does not remove those points from your record. This means that your decision to participate in a defensive driving course could potentially save your driving privileges depending on the number of points you have. If your insurance has gone up because of your driving history, completion of the course may also save you up to 10 percent on your premiums. 

Assessing your future

The satisfaction of participating in the PIRP could incentivize you to improve your driving habits. If you face other legal consequences including fines or mandatory license suspension, you will still need to complete all requirements to get your driving privileges back. Once you have done everything you can, commit to observing all traffic laws and set personal boundaries so you can keep the points on your record to a minimum and enjoy the convenience of being able to drive.