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How zone cameras can backfire

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Traffic Ticket |

Many cities in New York have installed zone cameras in strategic areas. The cameras are supposed to catch anyone who speeds or commits another traffic violation. If you’re caught speeding on camera, you’ll receive a traffic ticket in your mailbox several days later. This system has caught thousands of speeders since its inception, but it’s not foolproof. In fact, the city of Buffalo recently had to issue refunds for over 20,000 drivers.

Zone cameras were installed in school areas

Multiple cameras had been installed on school grounds to catch drivers who were speeding through school zones. According to traffic law, people who commit traffic violations must receive their ticket within 14 days of the incident. In this situation, over 20,000 drivers received their tickets weeks or months after they’d committed a violation.

The mayor of Buffalo released an apology and announced that the tickets will be canceled. Anyone who already paid their ticket will receive a full refund. The mayor also said that he had spoken to the traffic camera vendor about the issue. In a statement, the vendor claimed that the delivery of the tickets had been delayed due to an ice storm.

The vendor announced that it will be working with the city of Buffalo to set up a fulfillment center and a call center nearby. According to media reports, this will create new jobs in the area and allow people to receive their speeding tickets in a timely matter. The vendor also pointed out that its reporting was still accurate, and the people who received tickets had still committed traffic violations.

How can you deal with traffic violations?

If you receive a ticket for a traffic violation, you might be tempted to pay the ticket and get it over with. However, your insurance might skyrocket when your insurer finds out about the incident, and if you’re dealing with a serious violation, you could be looking at fines and jail time. An attorney might be able to contest your charges and get the punishment eliminated or reduced.