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How can parents make joint custody work?

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Family Law |

Some divorced parents in New York may bristle at the thought of settling for joint custody. Many parents would prefer to raise their children themselves without input from their former spouses. However, joint custody can be a healthy, beneficial arrangement that enables a child to enjoy a relationship with both parents. Here are some tips on making joint custody work.

How can parents work together to make joint custody effective?

Some individuals find it tempting to try to pit their children against each other in the hopes of winning full custody. However, this tactic can affect a child negatively. A child may internalize the criticism since he or she is being raised by the other parent and carries some of that person’s genes. Additionally, if one parent badmouths his or her ex in front of his or her child, that could be used against him or her in court.

Parents should also accept that, in some cases, joint custody is the best thing for their children. They may not like being forced to stay in contact with their former spouses, but it allows their children to maintain a relationship with both parents. It also gives both parents an equal opportunity to raise their children. As a result, joint custody is often the fairest decision for everyone.

How can an attorney help parents who are fighting for custody?

Hiring an attorney may mean the difference between figuring out a fair child custody agreement and losing custody to an ex-spouse. A lawyer may evaluate his or her client’s situation and help that person decide if shooting for full custody is realistic. If someone has a busy schedule, he or she may agree that joint custody is the best option.

Additionally, an attorney may help his or her client prove to the court that he or she deserves custody of his or her child. A lawyer may also help his or her client negotiate with his or her former spouse in a calm, civil manner.