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The penalties for cell phone use while driving in New York

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Traffic Ticket |

In the state of New York, drivers are not allowed to use cell phones or similar devices while their car is in motion. This means that they cannot make a phone call, send a text message or visit a website unless they are pulled over or parked. It is also illegal to play games, write an email or take pictures while driving on roads and highways throughout the state. An exception may be made for those who are calling 911.

Those who are in violation of the law may be subject to a fine and points on their license. The minimum fine for a person ticketed for using a cell phone or similar device is $50 for first offenses that occurred after the first day of November 2014. The maximum fine is $200 for a first offense, and the fine can increase to $250 for a second offense that occurs within 18 months of that initial citation.

If an individual is ticketed for using a phone while driving three times within 18 months, that person could face a fine of up to $450. Drivers who accumulate more than 11 points on a license in 18 months may have their licenses suspended. Each offense that occurs after June 1, 2013 will add five violation points to a person’s license.

A driver who receives a CDL traffic violation may be subject to a fine or other penalties. Depending on a person’s previous record, a violation may put his or her ability to work as a commercial driver in jeopardy. An attorney may be able to help an individual get a ticket reduced or dismissed. This may be done by using cell phone records to show that a person wasn’t using a device or using it improperly when pulled over by an officer.