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Holiday crackdown in New York leads to many traffic tickets

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Traffic Ticket |

In Binghamton and throughout New York, traffic tickets can be a troublesome issue. Depending on the case, a ticket can lead to fines, lost driving privileges, insurance rate hikes and even jail time. Enhanced ticketing practices often happen during holidays: One recent enforcement period resulted in more than 9,200 tickets being given.

The crackdown happened during the weekend of July 4. New York State Police aggressively enforced driving under the influence laws, speeding, distracted driving, reckless driving and other violations. It lasted for 36 hours. During the holiday weekend, 180 DWI arrests were made. There were also 456 accidents, 99 injuries and 1 death.

The number of tickets given was radically lower than the total for the same campaign in 2019 when nearly 16,400 tickets were given and 255 people were arrested on DWI charges. There were fluctuations in the number of tickets given depending on the area. For example, the New York State Thruway had 746 speeding tickets, 18 arrests for DWI, 20 citations for distracted driving and 41 for seat belt violations. The Upper Hudson Valley had far more DWI arrests with 40 and a total of 442 tickets given. The Lower Hudson Valley was second in the number given with 531 tickets and 23 DWI arrests. Those charged with DWI can be jailed, and accruing enough points on a driver’s license can spark a suspension or revocation.

Many people might be under the impression that it is useless to fight a traffic ticket and just decide to pay it or take the penalties before assessing their options. However, before paying the ticket, it is important to assess the situation and determine if there is an effective defense to have it dismissed. Law enforcement might have been overzealous in its effort to give tickets without just cause for doing so. There may have been mistakes in police protocol. There are viable avenues to contest the ticket or defend against the charges that led to an arrest. Consulting with experienced legal professionals who understand how to address traffic tickets may help with crafting a defense.