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Ensuring that children are not harmed in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Family Law |

New York couples who are getting a divorce with children involved will have many issues to consider. A major aspect of that goes beyond custody, visitation, child support and other categories of family law. Ensuring that the divorce itself does not have a negative impact on the children is key.

During a divorce, there are many areas that can harm children. Parents need to remember to maintain a cordial relationship with each other and shield the children from negativity. Focusing on the children and not on personal goals and interests can protect the kids from the tumultuous parts of the end of a marriage. For example, saying negative things about the other parent with the child within earshot can upset the child and be the catalyst for a poor view of the parents.

There might be a temptation to overcompensate and be too nice to a child by giving into every request. That is likely to interfere with quality parenting. A strong foundation is imperative to the children. Creating a structure and following it lends itself to predictability. This is a positive for the children. There will be expectations each child must live up to. That means having rules and encouraging the children to abide by them when spending time with each parent. Children need to be assured that they can talk about concerns with parents. Continually checking on each child’s well-being can nip challenges in the bud.

Finally, the parents should take care of themselves to avoid overload. Child custody tends to be a contentious part of family law, so avoiding conflict and taking strategic steps to achieve the goals may require legal advice. When couples with children are divorcing, discussing the case with experienced legal professionals may provide guidance in effectively addressing these matters.