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Parking tickets can be appealed

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | Traffic Ticket |

Parking in some parts of New York can be difficult, and even great drivers get parking tickets sometimes. A driver who parked in a no parking zone or parked too far from the curb will face consequences if they don’t pay the fine on a parking ticket. On the other hand, a driver who was ticketed without reason could get out of the fine if they act swiftly.

A driver who believes that they received a ticket even though they didn’t violate any parking rules has the option of appealing the ticket. The local court will then be able to make a date for a traffic court appearance. At the court date, a judge will look at the evidence and testimony to determine whether the parking ticket was written in error.

Failure to pay uncontested parking tickets could have many consequences for a driver. First, the unpaid tickets may damage the driver’s credit rating because they will be sent to collection agencies. If a driver has a large number of unpaid parking tickets, the Department of Motor Vehicles could suspend their driver’s license. Even if the suspension is temporary, it will be a permanent bad mark on the driver’s record that could affect insurance rates.

Sometimes a driver may forget to pay parking tickets until they realize that the tickets have affected their driving record. A lawyer may be able to help an individual in this situation to sort through parking tickets and other traffic offenses. If many of the tickets are recent, a lawyer may be able to help a driver to contest them so that they do not cause a license suspension.