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Fighting back after a speeding ticket

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2020 | Traffic Ticket |

Many people in New York know the feeling of getting pulled over and receiving a speeding ticket all too well. No one wants to get a ticket, but it can seem all too easy to pick up a ticket at a time they did not expect. A speeding ticket conviction may not create a criminal record, but it can cause substantial inconvenience and expense beyond the initial fine on the ticket. Drivers can accumulate points on their record that could lead to a license suspension, the ticket itself and court fees can carry a hefty fine, and speeding tickets can send car insurance rates shooting up.

The first step to challenging a speeding ticket is remaining cautious after being pulled over. Drivers may make note of how the police officer allegedly recorded the excessive speed while saying as little as necessary themselves. They may also aim to remain polite and calm throughout the interaction while writing down all of the details after receiving the ticket. While many people give up and pay the ticket, it is possible to challenge a traffic ticket in court.

People who choose to fight the ticket will need to go to a court hearing. There are several tactics that drivers can pursue, including seeking a delay in the hearing, finding evidence from their own car that they were not speeding, challenging the reliability of the police technology and bringing witnesses to recall the incident. In other cases, people may choose to negotiate with the prosecutor in order to minimize the effects of a potential penalty on their driving record.

Drivers who are concerned about the potential to lose their license or negatively impact their driving record might benefit from contacting an attorney to challenge the ticket. A lawyer may present evidence to fight the speeding ticket or negotiate for an acceptable outcome.